Frequently Asked Questions

What is a primary sign?
A primary sign is typically for identifying amenities in your building. This may include but isn’t limited to lounges, terraces, washrooms, game rooms, gyms, yoga studios, and swimming pools.
What is a secondary sign?
A secondary sign can be used when identifying a room that is considered "back of house" but is still visible to residents and the public. This can include but is not limited to electrical closets, disposal rooms, telecommunications closets, or mechanical rooms.
What is a tertiary sign?
Often the cheapest option in the sign package, a tertiary sign is typically used for absolute "back of house" signage that wont be seen by the public. This is usually consistent with things like mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, sprinkler rooms, garbage rooms etc.
Why do I need to upload an Excel file?
The excel file is a crucial part of completing your order. It is the content required to create your signs for you and is mandatory for completing an order. If you do not have excel a text list can be created with most word processing software. Click here for a sample
What message do I put in my excel file?
This will refer to the message the sign should have on it. This can be whatever you want it to be. Please note font size will be adjusted according to the amount of text and the size of the sign chosen.
What sign location do I put in my excel file?
This will refer to the physical location of the sign via the room identification code. These codes typically are dictated by the buildings fire code regulations.
What happens after I place my order?
Once you have completed the checkout process we will have received your order. We can then design a sign package based on the information provided at checkout and send it back to you for approval via email. Once the package has been approved we can then proceed to the production stage and complete your order.
How is my purchase shipped?
After we have completed production of your order it will be packaged for shipping. The products you purchased will be delivered to the address provided at checkout. The cost of shipping is a flat rate fee of $45 for nationwide shipping to anywhere in Canada no matter how big the purchase. You will receive a confirmation that we have shipped your order via the email provided at checkout.
How are the signs mounted?
All signs come with double sided adhesive tape mounted to the backside of the sign. This provides optimal bonding with the installation surface to ensure the sign stays put. For added strength silicone adhesive is recommended during installation (not included).
How long will my order take?
A typical order can be processed from start to finish in approximately 4-6 weeks. This may vary depending on the volume of orders at the time your order is processed. Arrangements can be made for rush orders to expedite the process but will incur an additional cost.